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About Our Grants

We work with our community to make an impact on key issues for children and their families. Our grant applications are directly related to our strategic plan, giving us an insight on the work that’s being performed in our community and where we are needed most.

We are an active participant with the grantees to advance the impact of our mission. As an invested partner, we provide resources to directly meet the needs of children aged 0-8 in our community.

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Grant Application Criteria

Our exceptional grantees make our mission and vision actionable. For those interested in applying for grants to further children’s education and intervention in Montgomery County, please review our criteria below.

  • Applicants need to complete our application undergirded by a strong plan, which provides appropriate, quality metrics and assures the organization’s financial and operational viability.
  • Applications should reflect clear objectives with appropriately measured outputs, outcomes, and impact.
  • Applications should reflect persuasive methodology such as evidence based practice or promising innovation.
  • The grant award period will not exceed a one-year time frame commitment since, at this time, The Tait Foundation chooses not to make multi-year grant commitments.
  • Applicants must demonstrate solid organizational capacity, presenting a current organizational chart and a list of Board Members and Officers, and demonstrating diversity of background among Board Members.
  • The application should describe community input and connection, as well as demonstrate cultural awareness and/or competence.
  • Grant awards will be made to financially viable entities. Applicants must provide:
    • Information about current or potential funding from other sources (generally, no more than 10% of an organization’s funding should rely on a grant from The Tait Foundation).
    • Financial validation via reviewed or audited financial statements.
    • Most recent Form 990.
  • A sound and realistic program and organization budget must be provided.
  • If previously funded by The Tait Foundation, applicants who did not meet the previous grant’s outcome metrics must provide an explanation, and an end of grant assessment must be completed.


The Tait Foundation strives to support innovative programs with the clear potential to positively impact under-resourced children.

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